Luke Heintschel

Luke is an aspiring scripture scholar and an experienced and dynamic speaker.  He speaks on a plethora of topics including: Scripture and the Sacraments, Scriptural Apologetics, Understanding the Old and New Testaments, Spiritual Theology, Catechesis, and many more.  He lives in Escondido with his wife and son.

Michael Bascon

My name is Michael Bascon. I consider myself a convert from secularism which happened nearly 5 years ago. I am married with 3 children and I work as a carpenter. I enjoy playing chess , apologetics and making rosaries out of cord. I am currently studying for a certificate in Philosophy at John Paul the Great Catholic University. My main ministry is “St. Paul Street Evangelization” where we hit the streets and talk on the front lines about Catholicism and invite people to the one true church instituted by Christ. I enjoy speaking, and my favorite topics deal with Gods existence, abortion as an inherent evil and Marriage as 1 man and 1 woman.

Jordan Friske

“Jordan Friske is originally from Castlewood, South Dakota. He moved to San Diego in 2013 for a career at Cal State University San Marcos in the Campus Recreation department. He is attending John Paul the Great Catholic University to graduate with a Masters in Theology. Jordan is married to his beautiful bride Emily Friske.

Jordan’s talks: Theology of the Body, Manhood, Mary, and New Evangelization.”

Fawaz Yasi

Fawaz Yasi lives in San Diego, CA and has been involved in youth ministry for 10 years working with thousands of high schoolers. Fawaz is married and has 2 children. Fawaz enjoys participating in the Sacraments, studying theology, weight lifting and a good cigar. Fawaz’s topics: Manhood, Devotions, youth outreach.

Jose Apolinar

Jose Apolinar is an undergrad at CSUSM. He’s pursuing a degree in finance/economics and a minor in mathematics. He’s also involved in helping the youth, is a catechist at St. Marks, and is a Third Oder Franciscan (BSP). Three of his greatest influences that have lead him into a deeper, intimate love of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Church; the most beautiful, immaculate, and gloriously Blessed Virgin Mary and the two mystic Doctors, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. John of the Cross. He prays, hopes, and works to restore all things in Christ (Instaurare Omnia in Christo). You may see him at your local pub and if you do, don’t be shy! Buy him a beer.